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The Almighty Thor

Memorable RP Quotes

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RP Quotes

Various Quotes in character and out of character concerning table top RPGs.

In Character:
"Other planes should experiance me." - Illpalazzo the egotistical cleric
"Stormtrooper confetti." - Dirk
"There's always a catch!" - Lizardman
"Ring that gong one more time and I will rip your testicles off and shove them down your throat." - Josh's character
"I'll save us." - Robb standing on a falling elevator
"Jesus is staring at me." - Robb holding a crucifix
"Look its quaterlings!" - Xanzor to Blaise after cutting a Halfling in half

"What's a Shatner?" - Greenberg
"You guys suck." - The DM
"How do I use my eunuch power." - Greenberg
"Watergold." - My inability to read
"I should beat some spelling into you."